Thursday, February 20, 2014

IVF Cycle: Weeks 3-4

February 8-10, 2014

Let's just say I can tell that the medications are kicking in and doing their job. I am VERY aware of my ovaries. It is the strangest feeling I've ever had. Luckily the swollen/bloated feeling I'm having is the only real symptom I've had. I have a hard time falling asleep because I can't take my brain off of the throbbing feeling in my uterus. Luckily I have lots of episodes of The Big Bang Theory and Friends to keep me entertained in the late hours.

I got an email today from Genesis Genetics saying that they are ready to test embryos, which is great news.  For those of you new to the blog or just new to the whole process we're going through... I'll explain a little. My husband has a form of Muscular Dystrophy, called Myotonic Dystrophy. It is a genetic disorder and is progressive with each generation. Basically that means that our children could be born with the same type of muscular dystrophy, but their symptoms may be much worse and come on much earlier. For that reason, we are having our embryos tested for MD so that we can implant the ones that do not carry the disease. We both feel that if we can take away the option of our children to have to live with MD we want to take advantage of that. When the embryos have developed enough, Dr. Foulk's office takes cell samples from them and sends them to Genesis Genetics. At Genesis they compare the embryos DNA to Kenny's DNA strand that carries the MD and then let us know which ones are carries of the disease. Once they have that information they let Dr. Foulk know, and he selects the healthiest embryos to implant. The rest of the embryos are kept frozen for us to use down the road when we are ready for more children.

I'll have some blood work done Wednesday morning then head up to Salt Lake Friday for the ultrasounds leading up to retrieval. I can not wait to keep this moving forward. My amazing Mama is coming up and spending the weekend with Kenny and I. It's going to be a good Valentine's Day/Birthday for me spending time with my wonderful family and hubby.

February 11, 2014
Today I was having a pretty rough day and feeling really nervous about all of this. I had a moment of doubt. What if this doesn't work? I've seen so many friends go through this whole process and not get pregnant. I am trying so hard to be positive, but sometimes it's just hard. I have never wanted something so bad in my entire life. On my way home from work I decided to call up my brother Mark to catch up. I really can't tell you how much that guy lifts my spirits when I need him to. He probably had no idea how much he helped me, but he did. He really just encouraged me to stay positive. He told me that he just KNEW it was going to happen for me. That he can't picture me not with a baby in my arms...That I'm meant to be a Mom. It was only a few minutes that we were able to chat since he was on his way into work, but it was what I needed. I got home from work and sat down on the couch and looked down at my wrist. I have been wearing my Pound the Pavement for Parenthood bracelet every day since we started this. It was just a reminder that this whole process is just "One Step Closer" to getting where I need to be. This will happen for Kenny and I. Whether it happens with this IVF cycle or not... we are just one step closer to starting the family we've prayed for.

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