Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Great Men

I am so lucky with the amount of GREAT men I have in my life. I want to focus on 3 of those great men for Father’s Day. But have to say...

I was blessed to be the youngest of 5 amazing older brothers and 1 amazing older sister who married the greatest brother-in-law on the planet. I have always loved having 5 big brothers to watch out for me. They have always made me feel protected and loved. I love those brothers of mine more than anything in the world and would do anything for them. I am so grateful for them always watching out for me and loving me unconditionally... even when I was kind of a brat and didn’t deserve it, haha. They are amazing husbands, fathers, and brothers. They are all with incredible women and one of the greatest things ever is seeing them become Daddy’s themselves. They rock at it and my nieces and nephews are the luckiest kids around to have the Dad’s they do.
Christmas 2004 (Missing Bry)

Love these People
I also got super lucky to get 5 awesome brother-in-laws. I feel like I do with my own brothers with them. They are great hubbies to their wives and the greatest Dad’s around. They have all made me feel part of the family since day 1. I feel so comfortable around all of them and ALWAYS count on them for a good laugh. I’ve probably said this a million times, but I feel like the luckiest girl to be part of the Ward family!
My Father-In-Law
I can’t even tell you how incredibly grateful I am that I got the father-in-law that I did. From the very first day I met Ken I knew him and I were going to be close. He makes me laugh harder than anyone else can. I have always felt like I can be 100% myself when I’m with him. I love getting to go up to spend time with him and Kenny on the farm. It’s one of my favorite things about visits to Malad.  Some of my favorite conversations have been on the truck drives to one place or another on the farm. He is one of the hardest working men I have ever known. He works hard to provide for his family and take care of the people that he loves. Because of his example he has taught his boys to be some of the most honest and hardworking men I’ve ever met. He is a true friend to his boys and I love seeing the relationship that they all have with him. Kenny and I always turn to him for advice because we know we will get the most honest answer. He is a man that leads by example and I am so grateful for him. I can’t imagine not having him as my Pa-In-Law.

Our Wedding in 2010 
My Daddy (Yes, I’m 27 and still call my Dad “Daddy”... that will never change)
I don’t think you could find a better Dad out there. He is one of the most honest, loyal, hardworking men you will ever meet. My Dad has always been someone that I can go to for advice and know that I got the best advice I’ll find anywhere.  I was lucky to be the youngest and so I got a lot of one on one time with him and my Mom.  I can’t tell you how lucky I feel that I had that. My Dad has always loved my Mom unconditionally. He treats her with so much love and respect. He was the example to me of the type of man I wanted to find as a husband someday. When I was younger, my Dad and I would have Tuesday night “date” nights. We would make his famous egg sandwiches and watch “Home Improvement”. When I was little he would always read me Bearnstein Bears or tell one of his awesome made up “Fred and Gertrude” stories before bed while we shared a cup full of marshmallows. He once told me to stick the candy “Smarties” in my belly button to make them less sour (nice one Dad). He took me on bike rides and would fill my water bottle up with Welch’s grape soda (we didn’t tell Mom that). When we lived in Iowa we would go fishing down at the little ponds in our neighborhood. He was the one I went and saw Napoleon Dynamite with... his choice. He always made a sincere effort to spend one on one time with me. I have never questioned if my Dad loves me. He has always treated me with respect and taught by example. One of my Dad’s famous sayings is, “We don’t do it because we want to... we do it because it’s the right thing to do. “ I’m so grateful for that man. I honestly don’t know what I would do without him in my life. He means everything to me. I’m SO grateful to have him as MY Dad. I love you Daddy.

BYU Graduation 2008
Florence, Italy 2009 (I hadn't seen my parents in over a year since they were on a mission in Cambodia. Luckily my brother got married in Italy and they got permission to go. Me, Mark, Mike, and Bry got to cheat and see them. NOTHING is better then seeing your parents after that long away from them. I balled like a baby when I had to seperate from them again for another year.)
My Hubby
What do you say about the man that has changed your entire world for the better? Kenny is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I have the most loving, goofy, hardworking, and patient husband on the planet. He has helped me to learn to relax... to sit back and enjoy life and not take everything so seriously. I can always count on him to comfort me and make me laugh on my worst days. Kenny and I both have been through a lot together and it’s amazing to me how positive his attitude is... ALWAYS.  There is no better man for me. We have so much fun together... laughing at things that most people would probably never understand. I love that he still gives me butterflies in my stomach like the first day we met. I’m just so in love with this man. I feel so incredibly blessed that I get him for eternity. Nothing is better to me than watching Kenny with Kason. He is the BEST Dad. Kason is obsessed with his Daddy... and for good reason. He loves both me and Kason unconditionally and I can’t wait to have children of our own together. I hope we have a little girl someday too because he will be the cutest Daddy to a little Princess.  He is truly the best husband, Dad, friend, and man out there. I love you Kenny Ward. You are my entire everything!
SO in love.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Our Journey Has a New Perspective

The weekend before Kenny was supposed to go pick Kason up from Texas we made a trip to Idaho to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday with the family. While we were on our way up we made an appointment to meet with Dr. Russell Foulk at Utah Fertility Center. When we were chosen by Pound the Pavement for Parenthood to be one of the couples sponsored, we kept hearing amazing things about Dr. Foulk. Everyone that had gone through him had had such a great experience. Kenny and I were instantly eager to meet him and see if we could have the great experience that everyone else had had.

Meeting with infertility doctor's has not always been a  positive experience for Kenny and I. There have been times that we have left a Doctor's office feeling completely hopeless and confused. Infertility sucks. A lot. It's even harder when you go to a Doctor who is supposed to help you understand what is going on with your body and help you come up with a solution... only to leave feeling more lost and unsure of what to do. All we had been told by Doctor's was that we would need to do IVF in order to have children. No real in-depth explanation of the why... just that the test results said so.

When we got to Dr. Foulk's office I was super nervous. I have been through the drill of meeting with Doctor's for the last 2 years, so I shouldn't have been at all... but I was. The office at Utah Fertility Center is beautiful inside though and the staff really makes you feel so comfortable. Everyone was incredibly friendly.

Waiting to meet Dr. Foulk for the first time.

When Dr. Foulk came in to meet us I instantly felt at ease. I just knew we were in the right place for us to do IVF. Dr. Foulk sat down and had already reviewed our prior test results and knew exactly where we were at. He even had done some research on Myotonic Dystrophy before we came in so he could better explain to us why we had to do IVF to start a family. It was the first time that Kenny and I have had a doctor explain why exactly we needed to do IVF... not why most people need it, but why WE need it. He asked questions about us... not just about our infertility journey, but about US. He genuinely CARED about who we were. He explained the whole process of IVF in great detail and answered every single question we had. At no time did I ever feel like we were rushed so he could move on to the next patient. Dr. Foulk took his time with us. When we left it is the first time in 2 years that I have left an infertility office feeling HOPEFUL and POSITIVE about what was to come. We met with him again a week ago for a quick ultrasound and now are in the waiting period to start our first IVF cycle.

We are doing something called Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)  to ensure that Kenny's Mytonic Dystrophy is not passed on to any of our children. This process takes some time and costs a little more but is SO worth it to us. Kenny is really concerned about passing on MMD to our children. It is a progressive disease so has the potential be worse with each generation. We are in the works of  starting PGD so that we can hopefully do our first IVF cycle sometime soon after the 5K.

Right now is the first time in awhile that I have felt great about where we are going with this whole journey. Infertility has it's up's and downs. Some days you feel anger, some days you feel intense sadness, sometimes you try to stop caring and just let it be... rarely are there moments where you feel what both Kenny and I feel now...  Hopeful and excited for the future. I am so grateful to be where we are at in life right now. No matter what happens I know that we are here at this place because that's how Heavenly Father wants it. I know there's a good chance we will still have some down's on our journey, but I can honestly say that I think I can take it all in with a new perspective.

I have met some incredible people and had the opportunity to hear amazing stories that have given me the outlook that all of this happens for a reason... because it is what is best for us.  I am so excited to get moving on this part of the journey. There are SO many good things to come!

I love this man SO much! I wouldn't want to go
on this journey with anyone else.

Oh, and have I told you the BEST news about our race? Dr. Foulk has donated ONE FREE IVF CYCLE to be won at a raffle that will be held at the end of our race. Also, Reproductive Care Center has donated two chances for 50% off an IVF CYCLE for the raffle as well! SO if you or anyone you know is going through a similar struggle as us you can enter their name to help them win. They don't have to be there... just the individuals who are entering their name do. We are so excited that we are going to get to see someone else have a great opportunity like us through PPP. You can register for the race here: If you can't actually be there for the race you can always just donate. Every little bit helps us get one step closer to starting our family!