Sunday, March 20, 2011

Let the Journey Begin

After a few months of fighting it, I've decided to give in and start a blog for Kenny and I. Kenny and I got married December 30th, 2010. We're living in Las Vegas where Kenny works as a Civil Engineer and I am searching for teaching jobs. In the mean time, while I keep looking for teaching jobs, I'm working at....... a gun store. Haha. I work as their book keeper, but handle guns all day long. If you know me, it's far from fitting, but it's been a good job for me. I love working with all boys=zero drama, and it keeps me busy. Right now we have our adorable little man Kason with us. He's been here about 2 weeks and every day with him is a blessing. He's such a sweet guy and we're so grateful to have him around. He lives in Dallas with his Mom most of the year, so we take advantage of every second he's with us. We have done lots of fun things. We are just happy to be together as a family and are so excited for all the adventures to come!