Thursday, July 10, 2014

The News

The two weeks leading up to finding out if our embryos attached were long. It was all either one of us could think about. We talked about it constantly and I read into every little thing my body did. Pretty early on I started having some cramping which stressed me out to the max. After talking to the nurses at UFC though, I was told it was pretty normal and not to worry too much. Needless to say, I still worried... a lot. I had moments of panic, but most of my moments were filled with peace. I was just so grateful we were here and that I possibly could be pregnant.

Kenny and I were told that I could go and do my blood work to find out if I was pregnant on May 2nd. We told our families however that we wouldn't find out till the 7th. It allowed us a chance to actually surprise them if it was good news or to process everything if it didn't. The lab here in Vegas opened at 7am and I was one of the first in line. Kenny came with me, because my nerves were off the chart. As we sat and waited for the nurse to come in and draw my blood I couldn't stop shaking.

Waiting to Get My Blood Drawn
Both of us headed into work, but we ended up at home by 3 because we wanted to be together when I got the phone call from UFC. When we got home we tried to distract ourselves by watching some TV, but we both were so anxious. Every time my phone would ring both of our hearts would stop. Finally, around 5:30 pm my phone rang and UFC's number showed up. I put it on speaker phone and Kenny and I sat close together on the couch. The nurse on the line was very quiet and soft spoken and so my heart immediately sunk to my stomach. I thought for sure she was calling with bad news... just as I was preparing for the worst she said, "Congratulations! You are pregnant!" Kenny shot up off the couch screaming... I think the adrenaline was too much for him though cause his legs gave out form underneath him and I just started crying. I probably asked her 2 or 3 times if we really were. I don't remember much of the conversation after that. When we hung up the phone Kenny and I just sat on the couch hugging and crying tears of joy. It is FINALLY happening! We are going to have a baby together! We said a prayer of gratitude to our Heavenly Father and then decided we needed to call our parents. We Face Timed my parents in Nauvoo and luckily were able to catch them. As we started talking I told them I had something crazy to tell them... I was able to screenshot a picture of their faces when we told them we were in fact, pregnant.
We sat and cried together! I am so grateful for those sweet parents of mine and the love they constantly give Kenny and I. Next we called Kenny's parents. We tried to Face Time them, but it wasn't working very well. Kenny's Mom and Dad were in total shock and SO excited for us. They have been such an amazing support to Kenny and I and we are so grateful for them in our lives. We spent the next few hours calling around to all of our siblings and give them the good news. My niece practically burned her fingers off on her curling iron when we told her, my sister was jumping up and down and all over... We were laughing and crying so hard as we told them. My sister-in-law Jodi started screaming in the middle of the grocery store... Needless to say we felt the love and excitement from all of our family and it meant SO much to us. It is so wonderful to be able to celebrate with them our little miracle! After calling everyone I immediately did the one thing I've been waiting to do for 3 years, I took a pregnancy test. I sat and sobbed as I saw the words pregnant for the first time. I am SO full of gratitude.
Kenny and I spent the rest of our night celebrating with dinner and pedicures (yes, he loves them even more than me). Then the next day he came home with this...
We are both so incredibly thrilled and realize what an amazing blessing this is.  We know that while this announcement brings so much joy for us, we have not forgotten what it took to get here. We have so many wonderful and amazing friends that are going through what we have and our heart still aches for them to get their miracles here too. I pray constantly for them and am grateful for many of their friendships in my life.
I am now about 14 weeks along and we know now that there is ONE healthy baby that is growing in there. The other embryo for whatever reason did not take, but we are just grateful to even have one. Every ultrasound the heart beat has been strong and during our last u/s our little one was so active, moving his/her arms around and kicking like crazy. Thank you so so so much to everyone who has supported us along the way. Especially a special thanks to Pound the Pavement for Parenthood for changing our lives last year by picking us a sponsored couple. Thank you to our amazing family and friends that supported us every step of the way on this journey. Your love and support meant the world to us. We would absolutely not be here if it wasn't for your many prayers and love.
Baby Ward
Expected January 9, 2015


  1. Best news EVER! I cannot express how happy I am for the both of you! I know how badly you guys wanted to have a baby and I am so glad that you are documenting all of this. That baby needs to know how hard you fought for him/her :-) Love you all!

  2. I just Hoopes over here from Court's blog and I am bawling while reading your story. I'm so happy for you both! Congratulations!!!!!!

  3. Ugh--hopped over! Stupid autocorrect!

  4. Every time I read this my eyes well up with tears. Every feeling a long your path I can relate to, even being on the other side praying for your friends to have success too. I am so happy for you guys and I am happy to have found a friend in you! Congrats��