Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Frozen Embryo Transfer

Kenny and I headed up North on Tuesday night the 22nd. We drove up and stayed the night in Layton with my brother and sister-in-law since we hadn't seen them for a long time. The next morning when we woke up Jodi did my hair and gave me a totally new look that I love! It was great to be able to sit and chat with her to keep my mind occupied before the appointment. We arrived in Pleasant Grove at 12:30. Before we went inside Kenny and I said a prayer that everything would go smoothly and that our little embryos would be strong and healthy still. Walking in, I felt so much peace. The nerves and doubts were gone temporarily and I was just excited to finally be here.

Driving to Utah 

The nurse took us back to the room where my retrieval was where we waited for Dr. Foulk to come in. When he came in he let us know that both of the embryos we were implanting did great in thawing and gave us a picture of them. It was incredible to see those tiny little embryos. One was a grade A quality and the other a grade B... which is great and meant we had a GREAT chance to at least one attaching. He talked to us about the procedure and got me all set up. Once he had me all ready the embryologist came into the room with both of our embryos. Kenny and I both talked afterwards about after how the room was almost instantly filled with a calm peaceful spirit. After he was all done he sat and talked with us about the next steps and told us to stay positive because he was confident this could work. I am SO grateful that we found Dr. Foulk and Utah Fertility. The amount of compassion and love that comes from each and every one of them makes the process so much easier. After we were given my bed rest instructions they left me to lay in room for about 15 min with Kenny. I will never forget that few minutes with Kenny as we talked about the exciting potential of our babies to come. Nothing beats that feeling of making it to this point together after so much struggle. We are both SO grateful for the people who helped get us here and have supported us from the beginning.

After the Transfer

Our Tiny Little Embryos in Their New Home
 Grow Babies Grow!

Afterwards we headed over to my sisters where I got my sweats on and planted myself on her couch where I would be for the next two days. Kenny unfortunately had to be back in Mesquite for a work conference, so he took off a few hours later.  My sister offered to have me stay with them for the 2 days I as on bed rest and I was SO grateful to have their company. I got to spend some much needed quality time with her and my niece. They were great at taking care of me and making sure I took it easy so  ur little embryos could grow. They made me lunch and dinner every day, watched TV marathons on Netflix (I'm addicted to Scandal now) with me, and made me laugh constantly. Again, I am SO grateful for those two and the relationship I have with them. They mean everything to me and I was so happy to be with them for those two days!

Kenny's conference ended on Friday, so he headed back up to Salt Lake and we loaded up the car and spent the rest of the weekend with my in-laws up in Malad. We spent that night in Kenny's parents room watching movies with them and having some good laughs. No one can get me laughing quite as hard as my father-in-law Ken. I really do have the most amazing in-laws and I LOVE spending time with them. The next couple of nights we spent time with a few of Kenny's brothers and their families playing games and hanging out. Then Sunday morning we woke up early and headed home to start the long 2 week wait.

It is amazing to me as I look back and realize how much peace I felt those two weeks. Of course I had some major ups and downs emotionally. There's just no way to avoid it, but overall I felt calm. Fighting infertility has never been an easy road, but one thing has always remained in me... Hope. That hope that someday I will get to be a Mom has made the battle something I've been willing to fight without holding back. When the fear of this round not working started to creep in, hope was usually what brought me back to the place I needed to be to keep moving forward. Thanks heavens for my wonderful Hubby. He has been my rock and I couldn't imagine a better man to be on this journey with.

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